Powermove DVD - Learn and control your power.

Powermoves DVD explains the full break down on power moves and power move techniques at it's easiest form.

"Powermoves" instructed by Bboy Beetle will give you an in depth look at how to learn and control your power. The power moves featured in this video include: Windmills, Halo, Headspins, Flares, 1990s, Babies, Airflares, Swipes, Criticals, Flips, Hopping Airflares, Flare 90, Flare Airflare, toe grab Airflares and more...

Also included are ways to combo your power with effective training. Learn your power moves faster, and cleaner because you are learning them correctly! The price is $19.99 which includes shipping to U.S. (Out of country must add shipping rate.)

Improvement time doubled guaranteed!

Powermoves teaches you windmills, flares, swipes, head spins, 1990's, halos, shoulder halos, criticals, inward 1990, airflare, Flare to airflare, flare 1990, hopping airflares, and more!

Powermove DVD - Learn and control your power.